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Policolor specialists launched in the 80’s the first paint for decorating and finishing the walls in Romania, VINAROM being among the few painting products, there was no Romanian at that time who did not renovate his apartment with this paint.

Having a NAME with a REPUTATION behind it, VINAROM is currently not only on the lips of Romanians, but even in DEX (Explicative Dictionary) as a common noun. In 2013, Policolor specialists launched an improved product, with all the ingredients of a quality product for “all pockets”.

As with other Policolor products (see Decanol or Feruginol), due to the proven efficiency in use and the spread in the market, Vinarom brand ends up being confused with the product itself. Thus, the term “vinarom” comes to designate washable paint, in general.

Vinarom brand has in its portfolio the entire range necessary for the renovation or sanitation of a home, having a good quality at an affordable price for any pocket.

Colors for all tastes

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    Choose your favorite colors and place them on the walls until you reach the perfect combination.

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  • Coloring centers

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