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Prima pagină / "From the beginning with SPOR", a project that supports townspeople moved to the countryside

„From the beginning with SPOR”, a project that supports townspeople moved to the countryside

Press release 03.09.2022

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The phenomenon of migration from the city to the village has gained momentum in recent years. Neo-rurals, this is the name of the new generation of urban followers of relocation to villages or smaller cities, who start to appreciate differently an old house, a bed frame with a wooden headboard or a rusty iron chair.

In fact, the change in the flow of internal migration started in 1997. In recent years, it has increased, and the reverse migration, that to the big cities, has decreased in contrast to that from the city to the village. According to the World Bank’s evaluations in Romania, a good part of the departures from urban to rural areas were made in isolated rural areas, contrary to European trends in which resettlement destinations are in areas with developed transport, health and education infrastructures.

Support and interest for new communities from the very beginning

The „From the beginning with Spor” campaign not only documents internal migration, but also supports neo-rurals.

The „From the beginning with Spor” campaign not only documents internal migration, but also supports neo-rurals But what makes people leave big cities and their advantages behind? That’s what the new campaign „From the beginning with Spor” aims to find out, through which Policolor and SPOR, in partnership with the Lovedeco editorial office, intend to document and research the subject. More than that, SPOR supports those who go from words to deeds, from the desire to have a home where they are comfortable, to concretization and provides the necessary materials for the works.

„The study we are carrying out together with D&D Research represents an important and necessary x-ray of Romania today, in order to understand now what we can do for a better future, as we imagine every time we propose SPOR products to our customers . Hence the support of a campaign that aims to find out the stories of those who have relocated, to carry out the first representative market study, dedicated to the phenomenon of internal migration and to contribute the necessary materials – washable interior and exterior paint, varnishes and enamels for wood , stone and metal – at the completion of many projects currently underway”, says Elena Curelaru, the new Director of Marketing and Communication of Policolor S.A.

The stories of those who have already moved will be found in the competition organized in Social Media on their own channels, in partnership with Facebook pages and groups created around the phenomenon of relocation. Among them are Niste Orăseni, Oltenia de sub monte, De la Sat, Houses and land in the countryside.

Amalia Martiniuc fulfilled her dream of having a house in Maramureș.
And a pontoon on the lake near it.

Content creators who have their own stories also joined the campaign, from the fulfilled dream of having a house with a pontoon in Maramureș, from the restoration of the wedding dowry home in Jurilovca, to the restoration of the great-grandmother’s house in Slătioara, Vâlcea. Writer Marius Chivu, DIY expert Gabi Ralea, cultural content creator Ana Rubeli, photographer Marian Sterea, lawyer Amalia Martiniuc are some of the voices of the campaign.

Village life and the DIY trend go hand in hand

A porch can be transformed into a quiet terrace

Among the effects of this urban to rural migration is the amplification of the DIY trend. Many times, the new home comes with challenges and opportunities. Refurbishments, renovations and modernizations are needed which, adapted to the local specifics, can generate real treasures. Neo-rurals are the followers of this trend, and an old shed or shed can become a quiet modern terrace. Dowry chests and old furniture can be turned into authentic pieces of furniture, and tapestries and rugs can be restored to their original glory or used as wall decorations.

„Of all the things you take with you when you move from the city to the country, the most important are an open mind and the belief that there are no two left hands. With these in mind, you see creative and sustainable solutions where others get stuck, and you can transform your home however and as much as you need. This way you consume less, it costs you less and you do more for yourself, but also for the world you live in”, says Gabriela Ralea, blogger and DIY expert.

Not only the walls, woodwork and older objects get a new life with the new arrivals to the village, but also the local community. After the initial surprise of the villagers at the interest shown by the townspeople for jams and tomato juice or nature, the local community begins to value itself and protect the local production.