We Build Together

This section is for the people looking for hiring opportunities and career development within our company. Before applying for a job, we would like you to become familiarized with the recruitment process, being aware of the following instructions:

Choosing an available job

Please consult the jobs available (page available in Romanian language) and select the one you are qualified for / in which you are directly interested.

Online application

In order to apply online (page available in Romanian language), please follow the instructions and the steps from the application form. You will receive a confirmation that the form was sent and it will be processed as soon as possible.

Registration in the database

In case there is no job matching your skills and experience, your Resume will be automatically registered in our database. Therefore you will be considered a potential candidate for future available jobs.

Receiving an answer

We will select and analyze the Resumes which match best with our available jobs, so please take into consideration the fact that only complete Resumes will be analyzed and only the selected candidates will be contacted.

The Resumes and jobs are constantly evaluated in order to efficiently identify and select the right candidates. The Resumes will be kept in our database for six months.

We are happy that you want to be part of our team and we insure you that you will be welcomed properly.

Policolor operates personal data. (page available in Romanian language)

List of available jobs