The Human Resources Team

We know that people is everything; therefore, working with them day by day, we help them to evolve. The dreams they have, the things they think, the way they work, their individuality and the way we form teams with these individualities, make us what we are.

We, the Human Resources department, see everything is best in our colleagues. This is why we are in the heart of the company, we identify the potential and we know how to use it, we create the proper environment for people to innovate, we promote the person and, at the same time, we think strategically.

We are the promoters of change, giving our colleagues the power to influence and to make things happen, sharing with them our knowledge and experience, putting the right resources at the right place with the purpose to increase performance, and creating the culture which insures our success.

We are a team of professionals formed and consolidated within a short period of time. We have colleagues with an HR experience of over 20 years, but also young people joining us through the Internship program. We have a common strategy at the Group level, implementing same policies, working procedures and practices, inside Policolor, as well as at Orgachim, Resins, Chemicals or Dunav Trans.