Research, Development and Innovation

Innovation brings change, is crucial to the life and work of any organization that wants to grow and is more than just scientific discovery.

For Policolor, innovation has always been linked to the constant updated needs of the society, market and customers, by coming up with practical solutions to meet these new requirements.

This is how the experience of the Research and Development Department strengthened in over 47 years of activity; this is how we consolidated Policolor status as pioneer in the field of paints and varnishes.

Research and Development specialists have the competence to develop products in compliance with the quality standards required by customers and partners. They correspond to any specific painting environment and comply with Policolor sustainability policy.

Today we are able to meet the customer needs with product lines and new colors, tailored to their needs.

Our researchers harmonize the passion for color, for discovery and innovation with the responsibility for the quality of the products, people’s health, environment protection and company reputation.