Mission and Vision


Policolor - Orgachim is the regional leader in the South-Eastern European area in the field of varnishes and paints, a market oriented and technology based leader. Our main objective is the continuous raise of the value of the Group meant for the shareholders as well as for the community.


We manufacture intermediate materials and finished products that belong to the varnish and paint category relying on our own recipes or on licenses and on the experience accumulated in more than 35 years. Our products address both the consumer goods market as well as the industrial one. The services portfolio includes support for our Partners and technical assistance for all the customers of the company.


We try to fulfill as much as possible the needs of our customers. Our main target is to reach a high level of satisfaction and loyalty from our customers relying on the high quality of our products and services.


We maintain the competitiveness through efficient and flexible manufacture that follows the market demands and by introducing new products. The control and reduction of costs is a continuous concern for us while the financing activity is optimized by careful planning of the cash flow and of the necessary investments. The rational allocation of the products between Policolor and Orgachim plants, the coordination of the supply activities, the new products development as well as the marketing and sales are other means to increase efficiency.


Our working methods and management style are based on cooperation and trust. We use modern management techniques supported by the introduction of an integrated information system. We truly believe in the value of our employees and promote their willingness and ability to think and act on behalf of the company. We are also concerned by the motivation and reward good results.


In everything we do, we respect and feel responsible for the natural environment, the health of our customers, employees and neighbors. The product development and our entire activity take into account the ecology requirements at the level of the European Union.


We will keep shareholders, employees, business partners, media and the population in general in touch with our objectives, activities and results on a regular basis. We want transparency and we will fulfil our obligations of delivering correct information as a listed company.