Imagini Policolor

Policolor History

We are building the history of Policolor since 1965, date which we started the bases of the company for Paints and Lacquers Bucharest. With passion for color, with dedication for research, development and implementation of new technologies, investing and trusting in the employees of the company and respecting the clients and their necessities, we have constantly developed our business.

After 1989, by privatization, succeeding some programs of investment for modernization of the plant and by acquiring the majority package of shares of Orgachim JSC (the biggest producer of lacquers and paints in Bulgaria), Policolor accelerated its development, today occupying the leader position in the area of South-East Europe for production of paints and lacquers.

We have permanently implemented and followed the improvement of the activities inside the systems of management for a durable development.

We continue to invest in research and new technology which can increase the productivity and reduce the impact on the environment and on people’s health.

Investing in people will continue to occupy an important position in the future, for the development of the Group Policolor - Orgachim . The company’s personnel, the partners, the clients represent the most important capital, which makes a difference and adds a plus-value to a company’s business.

Historical Landmarks:

1965 Setting up the company for Paints and Lacquers Bucharest, as provider of national industries and for the finish goods on the large consumption market in Romania.
1973 - 1974 Setting up the branches for manufacturing of synthetic raisins, of paints for export and by building of a nitrocellulose paints and lacquers plant, it extends the capacity of production of the Paints and Lacquers Company of Bucharest.
1976 - 1990 The Paints and Lacquers company of Bucharest becomes the 1st producer of epoxy and non saturated polyester raisins for industry, being the only producer of auto enamels OEM (Original Equipment Manufactory).
1990 Paints and Lacquers Company of Bucharest becomes a society on shares under the name of S.C. POLICOLOR S.A.
1992 Starts the program of re-technology of the branches in the plant and the production sites of the company Policolor.
1997 The shares of Policolor are rated at the Bucharest Stock Exchange.
1997 The process of privatization of Policolor comes to an end by purchasing the majority of the share package (51%) by the Romanian Fund of Investment together with RAEF (Romanian American Enterprise Fund). Following this, Policolor will benefit of a new investment program for modernization of the capacity of production sites.
1997 The Romanian Society for Assuring the Quality certifies the management system of quality implemented in Policolor, according to the Standard SR EN ISO 9001/1995 9001/1995.
1998 Policolor runs a new program of investment in modernization of the capacity of production.
1998 Policolor acquires the majority of the package of shares of Orgachim JSC, the biggest producer of paints and lacquers in Bulgaria.
1998 Takes place a reorganization of the existing portfolio of products and it begins the development of new products that respond to the necessities of the market.
1999 Policolor implements the Environment and Management System, in conformity with the internal and international norms specific for its domain.
1999 Once launched the brand SPOR, Policolor marks the entrance on the Romanian market with a quality and decorative washable paint.
2001 The range of paints and lacquers of Policolor launched in Romania is diversified through: IRIS,G.A.T.A., Villa Systems( Villa Supra, Villa Prima, Villa Grund), Ecolor.
2002 Policolor obtains SRAC and IQNET certifications for the integrated Management of Quality and Environment System.
2002 The first image campaign for Policolor marks a “première “for the whole industry of Paints and Lacquers in Romania.
2003 Policolor launches the range of products KLAR Professional dedicated to professional car painting.
2004 Policolor launches the national network of shops POLICOLOR – CASA CULORILOR (House of Colors) which offers not only the classic products but also a color chart of over 1000 shades of colors that washable paints can be tinted on.
2005 By launching DEKO Professional, which is structured with the thermo-insulation system DEKOTHERM, decorative plasters, structured paints, Policolor addresses to the professional segment of the construction market.
2005 Is created the club “KLAR ART” employers by KLAR Professional, club in which all aerographic painters from the country reunite.
2005 Is launched a “Training Center” by KLAR Professional; Policolor helps improve car professionals through trainings and specialized courses.
2006 Is launched the economic range MAESTRO.
2006 Policolor receives the trophy “Laurii Tribunei Economice” (Laurels Stand of Economics) for economical performances, creativity, quality and competitiveness in business.
2006 Policolor participates at national level through DEKO Professional to all fairs and expositions by CAMEX, in which receives a diploma for “The best expositional stand”.
2007 At national level it is launched the program “ Profesionistii de maine” ( Tomorrow’s professionals) in partnership with Ministry of Education.
2008 It takes place the program for specialized trainings for all applicators and handicraftsman.
2010 Policolor launches innovating products with silver ions under the brand SPOR.
2010 DEKO Professional in collaboration with CEC BANK and BCR supports the program for the thermal rehabilitation through Ordinance 69/2010.
2010 Its launched the range of products for polyurethane flooring under the brand DEKO Professional.
2011 Policolor volunteered to adhere to “Responsible Care” a global initiative, which promotes the development of products and technologies which contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, gas emissions and to preserve the resources of the planet.
2011 It is launched the system for historical rehabilitation of buildings under the brand DEKO Professional.