Care for The Environment

Policolor environment policy has always had many goals: quality products with minimum impact on environment, reducing of the energy consumption, noxes emissions and pollutants, in the production process and recycling industrial waste.

As a result of the investment made in this area, from 2001 has been updated and is developing the following projects:

  • the recycling of industrial waste, in-house;
  • the system for the reduction and loss of emissions in the production of paints and resins that target: solvent recovery, the reduction of organic content and mud in the discharched water, the reduction of organic content waste.

From 2011, Policolor joined the Responsible Care, a voluntary initiative, global, promoting the development of the chemical industry products that will contribute to a safe and healthy future.

There are recognized those products and technologies that support global efforts to reduce energy consumption, emission of greenhouse gases and conserve the planet’s resources.

Policolor is the most important producer in Romania in the paints and varnishes field, that received the right to use the Responsible Care logo. This certifies Policolor’s adhesion to the principles developed by the European Chemical Industry Council regarding the continuous improving of health, security and environment protection.