Imagini Policolor

About Us

Policolor - Orgachim is the regional leader in the technological process of paints and lacquers, in the South-East European area, producer and provider of complete solutions for the large consumption market but also for the auto and industrial markets. From 1965 we bring color in people’s homes and their lives, we use our creativity; we develop technologies, production and services according to the needs of our clients and partners. Their success is also ours!


As a team, we as Policolor – Orgachim respect and promote a set of values derived from our vision about a durable and sustainable development, which gives importance to our mission and policy of the business.

For employees: We consider that for a well trained, motivated team which works in an environment which encourages respect to the principles and values assumed, promotes the initiatives and gets implicated at the highest level, is essential to assure the success of our company for a long term. We offer opportunities, increase talents, form leaders and reward successes.

Portfolio of the company: Quality products and services at competitive prices. Our clients represent the reason of our success and existence of our business. We prove respect towards them by offering each time, to each and every one of them assistance, complete solutions and products personalized for their necessities and financial possibilities.

Partners: We maintain and develop a successful network, in which our clients and partners share the same values and principles; the result of their co-operation is benefic for all parties.

Environment: We take very seriously the responsibility which derives from the position that we adopted and we constantly action as a company that differentiates through sustainable development of the business and constant support to the business communities to keep a natural and healthy environment for future generations.

Profit: For the long term we want to action in maximizing the benefits of our share holders without forgetting our other responsibilities and values which we assumed and to which we adhered.

Productivity: Policolor actions as one of the most efficient, operative and flexible organizations which anticipates and answers quickly to the changes of the business environment, at the necessities and requests of the clients and employees, constantly promoting innovation and creativity.